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How imporant is the frequency of updates on blog.

How imporant is the frequency of updates on blog.A case study explaining the imporatnce of frequency of updates on blog.

How imporant is the frequency of updates on blog.
How imporant is the frequency of updates on blog.

How much does frequency play into Page Rank for blogs & other dynamic sites? Isn't the content more important than the simple of posts per day/week?


Content is very important part of your blog if you want it to display in Top 10 of google search should have rich content so that any user can get impress and also google.beacuse you can get good ranks in google only when you have a rich and quality content.

Psychology of user.

Success of any blog depends on the users and visitors.and your blog should have such quality content which can make your visitor to your users.You have to catch the psychology of users so that they visit your blog many times in a day.if you could get success in engaging your users than your blog will perform very well.and result is you can earn more and more money and rank also well in google search results.

How to engage users :

To engage users in your website and blog always keep your user in ambiguity.can be weird in hearing but the answers is still yes.Update randomly your blog say 4 times in a day but not fixed that result will be users will check may times and visit your blog to see that blog is updated or not.and this visiting can increase your number of impressions and also your is practically true. i am running many blogs and through the help of google analytics i knew that many unique visitor visited my blog many tims a day and in every visit they searched something or clicked my post which they had already i gave birth of a desire in them about my updates. and hence they increased my pageviews and incentives.

Update regularly.

Ok now you have learnt to engage your users but remember users will visit your blog only when they are sure that blog will be updated,users are like guest you have to make them happy for the success of your can engage them for few days but not always so if you want to really get success in your blog so always update your blog in a day.this technique of engaging user will work only when you update your blog regularly so frequency of updates of your blog should always be fast.

What Search engine like (google and yahoo)want to see in your blog or website.

The most important thing is being searched by search engine like google and yahoo. This is called organic the questions is how does search engine like google and yahoo scan your blog.and how search engine (google)rank your blog.So answer is Always post original content.This is the only thing that you can do with your blog to get indexed by google or yahoo.i give you one example suppose you have copied content from somewhere and pasted on your blog about "how to add facebook like button in website and blog"and now if you are thinking that you will get a good rank in google search result and earn money than it is totally wrong.because you are 1000th person who is posting the same result is you are not going to get anything.neither rank in search results nor money and page views Besides posting duplicate content you must write something unique like if you know about how gmail checks the spam and stuff like that which has not been ever written.than is the possibility that you can rank well and come in top 10 of google.