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4 Pro Social Media Tips To Increase Alexa Traffic and Page Rank

4 Pro social media sharing Tips to increase alexa rank,page rank (PR) and traffic of your blog or website.Check out how to do that.

4 Pro Social Media Tips To Increase Alexa Traffic and Page Rank
4 Pro Social Media Tips To Increase Alexa Traffic and Page Rank

social media sharing plays important role now a days after google panda update to increase alexa rank and page rank of your blog or website,but the question is how to do that effectively.yes there are various means to do this .but how to do it effectively so that you can get awesome traffic for blog and appear on the first page of do not need any article submission directory neither you need high PR backlink sites nor ping tools ,you can good page rank and alexa rank without them this ,i will be explaining below how to do it.

2 phrase keywords Tag and category of stumbleupon

you always submit posts to stumbleupon but few more things that you need to know more when you submit posts to stumbleupon so that you can get maximum out of stumbleupon is when you add tags in stumbleupon use 2 phrase keywords .do not type long tail keywords,keep it simple and you will get referral traffic from stumbleupon and another important aspect is choose relevant category for your post like you are writing article about traffic and alexa rank then choose seo category.this will give you a lot of remember 2 phrase keywords and relevant category.

Use Twitter search engine

if you are writing posts about any keyword first search relevant tweets on twitter search engine and then reply to those tweets so you will get targeted audience and your referral traffic will increase along with twitter followers. This is the best way to find targeted audience on twitter and increase twitter followers.

Google plus trends

If you want live audience for your posts then submit your posts on google plus trends this will increase plus one on your post and hence chances are higher get google search results.if any one of your post get too much plus one them it will appear on the first page of google.

Use facebook fan page insights

if you have made facebook fan page and sharing your posts on the fan page it is good but not enough but the point is how many people are looking use facebook insights it will give you an idea at what time you must share your posts on facebook fan page.

so these are the basic seo tips of social media sharing that will increase your traffic ,alexa rank and page rank.


  1. thanks very useful information..I will use it to increase my Alexa Rank

    1. thank you mohammad for commenting here.i visited your blog it is awesome.keep visiting.