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High PR 50 Article Submission Websites/Directory/Sites

50 Article Submission websites to submit article to get Backlink/Traffic and HIGH Page Rank | 50 DOFOLLOW Article Submission website list | List of Article Submission Directory | High PR Article Submission Websites.

Article submission is vital part to increase website traffic and play important role in building your audience and getting quality backlinks.To increase online visibility article submission plays a important role along with other search engine optimization methods for your website.
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Why Article Submission to HIGH PR Sites or Directories is important !

Page rank is the only medium to get organic search results from search engines like google,yahoo and bing.but questions is how to get page rank so that your website can appear in search results so along with other methods of search engine optimization article submission to directories is the powerful tool to create backlinks of your page or website.

Lots of Article submission directories have dofollow tag which means whenever you submit an article on any dofollow website and if it gets approved than you will get backlink from that page or website and if that page gets huge amount of traffic and lots of links via comments chances are higher to get a high page rank. and hence if it gets good page rank than you will get a backlink from that high PR Page. because that website has dofollow tag.

Importance of DOFOLLOW in refrence to Page rank and Backlink

In simple words i try to explain if any website has dofollow tag .And if you submit an article on that website than those website when scanned by google boat are spider than all the incoming and outgoing links are also counted,scanned and indexed. 

 For Example:-

Free Java script has a page rank of 3 and dofollow tag and now you comment on that page and if that comment is accepted .Now when google boat will scan that page next time your link which you have submitted via comment will also be counted and indexed and this way you get a backlink from a page rank 3 website.

The Same thing happens with the article submission websites.


For Example:-

You submit a article on dofollow website and now that article is approved and published.depending on the quality of your content now if you get huge amount of traffic and lots of outgoing links than the page rank of that page will be higher and all the links submitted on that page either through commenting or inserting will be indexed and if you have submitted your website's link as a source in that page than you get a backlink from that high PR page.

This is the only reason lots of people are interested in HIGH PR article submission websites.So if you are also interested in article submission than submit  to HIGH PR website but question is how to find High PR Article submission websites.

Don't Worry i have done this part for you.Below is the List of Top and Best 50 Article submission directories where you can submit your article with the hope of getting and good traffic and backlink from a HIGH PR website.

50 Article Submission Directory/Websites/Sites List.

List of  Top 50 High PR Article Directories

1. The Free Library | Page Rank 8

2. Annotum (Formerly Knol.Google) | Page Rank 7

3. Associated Content | Page Rank 7

4. HubPages | Page Rank 6

5. Ezine Articles | Page Rank 6

6. Articles Base | Page Rank 6

7. Self Growth | Page Rank 6

8. Gather | Page Rank 6

9. Web Host Industry Review | Page Rank 6

10. Article Dashboard | Page Rank 5

11. Article Snatch | Page Rank 5

12. Buzzle | Page Rank 5

13. Netymon | Page Rank 5

14. iSnare | Page Rank 5

15. Concept Marketing | Page Rank 5

16. Article Circle | Page Rank 5

17. Bukisa | Page Rank 5

18. ArticleBin | Page Rank 5

19. Web News Pro | Page Rank 5

20. InfoBarrel | Page Rank 5

21. Article Trader | Page Rank 5

22. Site Reference | Page Rank 5

23. Article Biz | Page Rank 4

24. Article Insider | Page Rank 4

25. EzineMark | Page Rank 4

26. Idea Marketers | Page Rank 4

27. PubArticles | Page Rank 4

28. Sooper Articles | Page Rank 4

29. Article Blast | Page Rank 4

30. Article Sphere | Page Rank 4

31. Amazines | Page Rank 4

32. WryteStuff | Page Rank 4

33. Article City | Page Rank 4

34. Article Click | Page Rank 4

35. uPublish | Page Rank 4

36. Promotion World | Page Rank 4

37. Articles Factory | Page Rank 4

38. Advisor | Page Rank 4

39. Articles Alley | Page Rank 4

40. Article Monkeys | Page Rank 4

41. goArticles | Page Rank 3

42. Content Desk | Page Rank 3

43. Article Exchange | Page Rank 3

44. A1 Articles | Page Rank 3

45. How to Become | Page Rank 3

46. Articles Prey | Page Rank 3

47. ArticlesAZ | Page Rank 3

48. ABC Article Directory | Page Rank 3

49. Dime-Co | Page Rank 3

50. Niche Content Articles | Page Rank 2


I hope you did like this post of top and best high PR 50 Article submission website and directory List.please feel free to comment and Like us.


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