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Importance of Keywords in url Vs Path Vs. Filename

Keywords Importance in url,Google Keywords Tools,Keywords search tools,Keyword seo tools with Path and Filename SEO to get on the first page of google.

Importance of Keywords in url Vs Path Vs. Filename
Importance of Keywords in url Vs Path Vs. Filename

Keywords have a very great role in determining the page rank of a webpage and not only the keywords but what are the importance of path name and filename in order to get indexed by the google and gain search engine traffic.this article will explain you how you must write your url so that you can get maximum amount of traffic and hence get money through real and fair sources Make money through real and fair resources .

What will you learn in this article:-

After reading this article you will not need and google keyword tool ,top keywords or seo keywords.and in addition you can also learn that what should i add in a page for Seo purpost to get on the front page of google.this is the researched and best article ever will explain you how to get on the first page of google.

Does google give higher importance to keywords to path vs filename.

well actually it does not matter that your stuff is is in pahtname or filename like. to/make money/online.html ( path name )

or to- make- money- online.html ( Filename )

both example explained above does not matter in terms of search engine will take them with equal priority.

well before using such things you must think about the user psychology as i have explained before .always think like a user for the success of your if a person is searching about online money making than how will he search you have to think about it.according to google software engineer you must use path name if you want more search engine traffic.

Use pathname instead of filename:-

According to google it is much better to use pathname rather than filename.because suppose if a user is searching about "how to get organic traffic".now it is google or any search engine's work to scan and give the best result to user.and every search engine likes deep root links either by your homepage or by your other if you sre using path name than you have more chances to get searched by google than the filename.

Do not use big filename with dashes and hyphens:-

According to google the more no of dashes and hyphens can taken asI spam,so why even take risk of becoming probability of being spam so it is much better to use pathname than using big filename,and get easily indexed by google search engine and yahoo to have more traffic and money.

How to find Keywords:-

Now the question is where to find google friendly keywords,Top Keywords and Seo keywords.A best collection and selection of keywords in necessary for the success of your blog or is the best article which will help you to find the best keywords .

Google insights and Google Zeitgeist official Keywords seo tool

Only Top Keyword Does not put you on the first page of Google but this:-

This is the best thing if you have googd keywords and niche content than there is possibility that you can be on the first page of google.and will get maximum traffic and backlinks.but you will have to come in front page of google with top seo keywords to get backlinks but what if you dont have top keywords.

Don't Worry i will teach you how ALEXA and Google can help you in building backlinks .because without backlink it is tough to get on the first page of google so learn here how google and alexa will help you to build backlinks for you.

Know how Alexa and Google builds Backlink for us.So of you have followed all such above rules than you surely be on the first page of google.

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