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Google adsense Behaviour with New Blogger and Website

Real Article about how google adsense treats and behaves with new blogger blog and new websites when they publish their blog or website to google adsense for approval to monetize their blog to make money .

Google adsense Behaviour with New Blogger and Website
Google adsense Behaviour with New Blogger and Website

Google adsense is a real and fair source of money til present. why because google adsense is the best in the market when it comes about trust and real simple words i will explain that google pays highest cost per click and shares 60% of total revenue with the publisher.if you see today's successful blogger list then you will find that 90% of them are using google adsense . This is the reason every blogger and web developer wants google adsense.And if you have a new website or blog and want to apply for google adsense than read below carefully to avoid disapproval and see how google adsense treats and takes new blogger blog and websites.

Few Reasons of Google Adsense Disapproval of New Blogger Blog or Website.

Free Domain
Zero Backlinks
Copy escaped Content
Very Few Article.
Adult Content or Keywords.
Outlook of Blog.

New Domain and Google Adsense

Even if you have quality article and niche topic to write about do not ever apply for google adsense till you have few indexed pages and Quality backlinks(Not in all cases but this id the majority).As i mentioned this case is not for all but applies to many of them.if you have the newly bought domain name and it is not too old then do not apply for GA.I have seen many my friends bloggers who just bought their own domain names and applied their application for google adsense and result was know why because that domain name was not indexed by the google till the application approval date.when you type your domain name in google search engines and if it shows the link of your blog or newly website only than you should think for the submitting the google adsense application.

Google Adsense Wants few Backlinks

As i mentioned this cases are not applicable to all but many of like you will be agree by my points .if you have a newly website and you want to apply for google adsense than first built some quality backlinks for your website and try to get a page rank like 1 or 2 if greater chances are higher for approval for new blogger blog or website form google adsense.Reason is more backlinks means high page rank and a high page rank means more safe and reputed website.hence good in the eyes of google adsense.

Read Here:-

Minimum 40-50 Article

For new blogger blog or website you should have at least 40-50 your own written article before applying to google adsense.avoid using copy escape content or spinned article google is much smarter than you and will catch you .So write your own content before applying to google adsense.

Blog Topic

Ok so you have new blog or website,Niche article and more than 50 article but topic of your interest also play an important role in google adsense approval.ok for example you are writing about your colony or town and that is not too popular .so tell me if google has no ads showing on your blog relevant to your topic why he would give ads to your website. google also has to answer think twice before making a blog about a topic .

Role of keywords

Another reason why new blogger blog and website are not getting google adsense approval just because of using wrong keyword or topic.if you have a new website and mature content than you know what i am trying to say to need high competitive keywords and need to optimize them for traffic and gaining attention of here is the link which will guide you how to perfectly optimize your keywords for traffic and Money.

Read Here:-

Decoration of blog or website
Make your website or blog a little attractive before applying to google adsense .use good color and professional color combination


Try To get some traffic before applying to google adsense,believe me these is also very important .you need to have few traffic before applying to google adsense. For traffic you need to do marketing of your website with organic search marketing methods.below is a link that will guide you what are the best organic search marketing methods.

Read Here:-

These are the very basic thing for new blogger blog or website who are willing to apply for google adsense account.


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