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Php my sql server error Fix

Fix and Solution for all php and mysql server error messages, including “could not connect to databse”, sql server error 6,53,17,233,1000,18452,10061 and 18456.

Php my sql server error Fix
Php my sql server error Fix

“Could not connect to database”

mysqli_connect( localhost, 'mor' , 'fromork' ) or die ( 'could not connect' )
When this command fails, the words "could not connect" are displayed on the webpage. it tells us that something went wrong. but it does not give us information beyond that.

Fortunately PHP offers a function, mysql_error(), but that will give us clue as to exactly what went wrong. Consider this code where we are trying to connect to a MySQL server that does not exist.
   mysqli_connect('badhostname', 'mork', 'fromork' ) or die (mysqli_error());

Here is the error message you will get.

Unknown MySQL server host 'badhostname' (1)

this will return clear information as to what actually went wrong when the mysqli_connect() function fails. You can also use mysqli_error () with other mqsqli functions.

       $dbc = musqli_connect('localhost' ,  'mork'  , 'fromork');
      mysqli_select_db ($dbc, 'alien_database');
      echo mysqli_error($dbc) . '<br />';
      mysqli_select_db($dbc, 'alien_database');
      mysqli_query($dbc, 'alien_database');
      mysqli_query($dbc, "SELECT * FROM alien_info");
     echo mysqli_error($dbc);

In the above code:

we try to connect to a database that does not exist.

we try to SELECT from a table that dows not exist.

Here is the output

unknown database 'alien_database'
table'alien_info' doesn't exist

Here are some other error message you might see:

Table 'test.no_such_table' doesn't exist
Can't create table
Can't create database 'yourdatabase'; database exists
Can't drop database 'yourdatabase(; database doesn't exist

There are dozens more , and it would be a waste of page to list them here .Browse on over to this site to get more information If you are retrofitting your mysql functions as mentioned above, you can use mysql_error() instead of mysqli_error().

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