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The Top 3 Ways For Growing YouTube Following

Youtube is one of the most famous and widely visited video hosting websites. The video uploading technique in Youtube is simple. One just needs to create an account and start uploading any recorded video. Although the process is simple, the complex task is to attract followers and subscribers to these videos. The top 3 ways to grow your YouTube following are briefly described as follows.

The Top 3 Ways For Growing YouTube Following
The Top 3 Ways For Growing YouTube Following

The 3 Ways
The main requirement before trying to attract viewers is to have good video content. All other tips and tricks help to increase the Youtube following only if the overall content is impressive. Hence, considering that the videos are up to the mark, the followers can be attracted in more number by the following three ways:

1. Use of Annotations:

Annotations are basically small notes that are added in a particular video, hunting on whatever is happening in the video. These annotations help is the easy grasping of the video content by the viewers and thus saves their time and energy. While using annotations for increasing the Youtube following, two main strategies are used. The first method is to include speech bubbles as annotations. These speech bubbles are placed directly under or over the button for subscription to direct viewers toward it. The second method is to hyperlink these annotations in videos to certain product page. This is also known as spotlight annotation.

2. Interactive Sessions:

Interaction with viewers and other members of community helps in gaining more following and also helps to gather experience. Consistent comments and liking the other content of Youtube helps one to get noticed and in turn, in helps to increase the followers. Increasing the channels and sources through the genuine comments on others’ videos would also kindle their interest in yours. Again, one should ask questions and keep the interaction alive to let other people know about these videos. Any kind of comment should be properly responded to create a positive impression.

3. Widget, Channels and Personalized Videos:

Adding a Youtube widget though article hosting sites and blogs helps in online traffic divergence to watch the videos. When Youtube videos are embedded to blogs, the viewers would not skip from your video to any other. Thus the video following in turn would increase steadily through subscription widgets. Channels with other creators of content on Youtube can be maintained to get more attention through partnership with more experienced people. Personalized videos helps to get more number of viewers since these videos are not repetitive and viewers get to see something new every time.


To get an increasing number of followers, one must have a consistency in the quality of the videos. Enough research on the keyword for a video and engagement of social media for the promotion can help to let more people know about these videos. Sharing of these videos in the social networking sites helps the divergence of online traffic towards the video. Also, one cannot disregard anymore the efficacy to buy YouTube views. This in turn helps to increase followers effectively. The graph in the number of viewers should be regularly checked and accurate measures should be taken to cope up with the downfall of the number of followers through the above mentioned methods.