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Blogging Like A Boss: Practical Tips For First-time Bloggers

Practical Tips for first time bloggers with seo tips to get traffic from google search results and get a good alexa and page rank

Blogging Like A Boss: Practical Tips For First-time Bloggers
Blogging Like A Boss: Practical Tips For First-time Bloggers

More and more people are entering the world of blogging for either fun or profit, yet many of these first-time bloggers often make fundamental mistakes which make it hard to get their site off the ground. If you are thinking about starting your own blog or have recently gotten into the blogging business, then here are five top practical tips to get you blogging like a boss in no time.

Blogger Tips:-

1. Know your subject

This is the most common-sense yet still overlooked piece of advice for first-time bloggers: write about something you know and care about. If you have a lot of opinions on cats, then start a cat blog. If you have lots of ideas on how to help aspiring writers, then start a writing blog. In reverse, if you know absolutely nothing about Formula One race car driving—don’t start an F1 blog. It is the simplest rule in the blogging world, yet it is the one most often broken. People start blogs without thinking about their long-term goals or whether they truly care enough about a subject to write about it multiple times a week, and that becomes a major problem down the line.

Blogger Tips:-

2. Be committed and put in the hours

Blogs do not come popular at the drop of a hat, so at the beginning there will likely be months when the only person reading your blog is your eighty-year-old grandmother. Just don’t give up hope: with the right amount of networking, you can build a solid base of readers in time. Write as much as possible, and write whenever the fancy strikes you. Get into the habit of taking a laptop, tablet or smartphone wherever you go so that you can blog whenever you have the time: with ubiquitous Wi-Fi or clear 4G coverage springing up everywhere, you can now blog from anywhere. Keep up the commitment and it will pay off big time.

Blogger Tips:-

3. Get tech-savvy

It is not strictly necessary for bloggers in 2013 to be expert web coders, simply because platforms like Word Press do most of the work for you. You should however keep the future in mind, and one day it might be useful for you to be able to do a little of your own coding to be efficient and keep down costs. So take a little time every week to learn a little HTML—it is a time investment worth making.

Blogger Tips:-

4. Get connected

The best way to get people to read your blog is to read other peoples’ blogs. Make connections, comment on peoples’ posts and forge relationships in the blogging community. The thing about social networking is that just one share can bring you thousands of views. For example, if you work hard to get a popular blogger to follow you on Twitter, and then that popular blogger (with thousands of followers) retweets a link to your blog, your readership will go through the roof. So make connections and make them now!

Blogger Tips:-

5. Be confident that you have something to offer

Blogging should not be about churning out words: you should be confident that your content has something to offer readers. It is funny? Is it informative? Is it inspiring? The blogs that become the most successful are the blogs that give something to those who read them week-in and week-out. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and share a little bit of what makes you so awesome with your readers.

This is a guest post by Sam Priest, a freelance writer, occasional blogger. She likes to travel a lot, but doesn’t want to miss any opportunities to blog what she sees, learns. For this, she uses high-speed internet on the go. Her secret of blogging from anywhere, anytime is