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Check How Website Will Look In Opera Mobile Browser

Check how your website and webpage will look like in opera mobile browser. Even customize your css and JavaScript to make it fit into largest used mobile browser.

Check How Website Will Look In Opera Mobile Browser
Check How Website Will Look In Opera Mobile Browser

Now a days as we have mentioned in our earlier post too that mobile users are increasing day by day even people have replaced the PC to read the emails and other small stuff now they are using small screen devices like android based mobile phones and tablets so it is compulsory to optimize your website for those small screens like mobile and tablets. so this post is all about optimizing your website for mobile users and today you will know how your website will look like in opera mobile browsers. Do you know the fact that opera is the largest used mobile browser so here is a tool through which we can customize our website to fit into the users screen and also can customize through the css and JavaScript to show it more professional.And Also to increase alexa rank and page rank

The tool is opera mobile emulator it is free to is available in three formats.Get it from here:-

Download Opera mobile emulator for 

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

You can customize your site outlook right from your desktop and then you can connect it to opera dragonfly if you face any problems in that and also for advanced debugging. this is the best online tool available at present to make your site look more professional and optimized for small screen users.

Opera Dragonfly

Opera Dragonfly
Opera Dragonfly

Why Opera Dragonfly

The best part id opera dragonfly. You can do many things with opera dragonfly like you can edit the DOM see network traffic and can edit your code . It has been built into opera browser and automatically updates when you save the changes.

So with the increase of using small screen gadgets you must update your website to match with current trends and this is the forward step because opera mobile browser is seen in almost every small screen gadget so optimize your website for opera and enjoy the traffic.

Note:- Doing this can increase your index rate