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How To Expand CSS Code To Earn More As CSS Freelancer

How to expand your css code automatically to earn more if you charge per line of css code as a freelancer or professional web designer.

How To Expand CSS Code To Earn More As CSS Freelancer
How To Expand CSS Code To Earn More As CSS Freelancer

This post is for those people who earns per line of code for example:- Suppose you are a freelancer who writes css codes and charges for each line of your code then this tool can be too beneficial for you because it will expand  your css code and make it more lengthy.

I do not suggest you to use it in your websites if you are a admin of any blog or website but it is good if you are earning from your css code.With this tool you have to simple copy your css code and the result will be expanded css code along with it will also show you what was the page size of your css code before using this online tool and what is now after using this online tool . Obviously it will be more .

Here is the Online Tool

I tried it and see the result below.

I simple copied one of my css code that i use for showing scripts and codes in my website.

css code before fess
css code before fess

Now see the screenshot below what was my css page size when i uploaded my css code to this  online tool.
page size of css before fess
page size of css before fess
It was only .4 KB now see when i ran this tool to expand my css code what was the result.
css after fess
css after fess
Here you can clearly see how it increased the number of codes in my css code and made it more we see how it affects to css page size.

css page size after fess
css page size after fess
Well you can see how it made my 0.4 KB code to 0.84 KB result is in front of you.But i would again recommend if you work as a css freelancer and charge per line of code only then you should use it. 

And one more thing it works the same like your first code . It does not make any change in your output. So a better want to to earn with css code .