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10 Superb Ways To Create 50+ backlinks For New Post.

How to create backlinks for new post.Create 50+ Backlinks for your newly published post which increase Google index rate.

You are here because you want to know how to create big list of backlinks for the post that you recently published.if you create instant backlinks for your new post than it will help to increase google index rate and all the inbound links in that article will also be indexed.

10 Superb Ways To Create 50+ backlinks For New Post.

10 Superb Ways To Create 50+ backlinks For New Post.

So there are two major benefits of creating backlinks for new post.

  • Google Index Rate will increase.
  • New Post will be Indexed Instantly.
  • Post will appear in Google search Results within short time.
  • You will get organic search results.
  • Helps to Increase Page Rank and also Increase Alexa Rank.
Top 10 Ways To Create Backlinks For New Post.

here are 10 ways which can help you to build backlinks for your new post it includes ping tools,article submission directory,blog commenting,effective social bookmarking,use of google plus and facebook to get traffic and many other methods.

Use Ping Tools

Ping tools plays an important role in telling search engines about your update of blog.whenever you update your blog by writing new post you must use ping tools .it notifies all the search engines and directories that you have updated your is a very important tool for blog promotion.get the 250 Ping tools here for your blog posts will appear in search results and people will create backlinks for new will also increase page rank.

Use Google Plus

Google plus plays an important role in promoting your blog post and also to increase your google index is a gift of google developers to bloggers and webmasters to promote blog on social networking plus increases index rate,page rank and make your post on the first page of google.and it will help to create backlinks for new post. Here are some 11 proven method to increase google index rate with google plus.

Comment on DOFOLLOW Forums

Dofollow forums are also an important part of search engine optimization and organic search marketing.reply on relevent post and thread after writing a new post as they are dofollow their comment will be counted as backlinks.check this list of 100 DOFOLLOW Forums .If article is niche than readers will create backlinks for new post.

Comment on High PR Website.

After creating anew blog post you must find high pr website relevent to the content of your new blog post.high pr website will increase google index rate and also increase page rank.and hence this commenting method create backlinks for new post so check this list of
100 High PR Backlinks List.

Don't rely too much on Referral Traffic.

If you get too much referral traffic than be alert if you have google adsense account and want to earn from your account than do not afford for referral traffic because referral traffic lowers CPC and google adsense is a proof that how Referral Traffic lowers CPC.

And if you do not have google adsense account than seriously read this 5 Proven methods for Google Adsense Approval.but remember do not copy any other's website content google is much smarter than you it will know that you copied from somewhere and also protect your content so that no one copies your can get backlinks if someone copying website content.

Be Updated

Be update from the latest google pamda update you need to update and manage your website with current is the proof latest 2013 Google Panda Update. 

Article Submission Directory

Create an short synopsis of your article and then submit it to the article submission directory.and if you do that you will see incoming traffic from those article submission directories.Here is the list of High PR Article Submission Directory.


Use the above method and you will see visitors will create backlinks for new post.use effectively Ping tools,Comment on high PR Websites,Use Dofollow Forums,Submit article to high PR directory and you will see progress of your blog.check this Posts which can take your blog to the First page of google.

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