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11 Proven Method To Increase Index Rate with Google Plus

Google Plus increases your index rate and also makes your posts appear on the first page of google.Read this How to effectively use Google Plus For organic search results with organic search marketing.

Yes it is true google plus increases your index rate and not only index rate your posts which are shared on google plus appears in search engine results are some proof and tips to increase your index rate.
how to increase index rate with google plus

how to increase index rate with google plus

Why Google Plus:-

Google plus is a social networking website developed by google and now a days it is toughest competitor of facebook for not only the business purpose but also from social can see lots of studies which shows that google plus is dominating facebook in terms of business and social activity.

The reason is simple facebook has started it's process of quality visitors, it is gradually banning the fake people and also making tough to link sharing.there are may people who just use facebook for business purposes they create a community of people who are interested in their business and then share the link and their website so that people click and visit their website but you know facebook is aware of that fact and hence limiting the process of link sharing and considering many of them as spam .so google plus is as a biggest alternative of facebook with the freedom of everything either business purpose or social how to increase index rate with the help of google plus you will know here.

Benefit For Blogger User

If You are a blogger user than you will see any time you publish a post a pop up appears and ask you to share it on google plus use this effectively do not underestimate the power of google plus because it will increase your index rate.and if you are not a blogger user than use your gmail id to create a profile in google plus.

  • Create  Google Plus profile
  • Add your website homepage .
  • Share your article in google plus.

What Else Needed For Traffic

Well only this will not give you success and make indexing faster.if you are serious to increase index rate of your website or blog, there are few more things that you can do for getting traffic from google plus.You need to advertise your website with organic search marketing and also use the high cpc keywords which brings traffic so you can earn money as well if you have google adsense account read this if you do not have google adsense account.5 proven method For Google adsense approval.

What to Do for Huge Traffic from Google Plus

Here are gew things to do if you know the power of google plus the below points will describe you who brings you traffic and how to interact with your google plus audience and also how to get yourself noticed to increase Index rate.
First Make a List of users.

Who will come yo your website if no one knows to increase index rate first add people or follow them so that in reverse they also follow you , i want to make it very clear if your website or you is not as famous as others than you will have to follow them first and it is human nature that people like being noticed so in that response they will also add you and whenever you publish a post and share it on the google with the purpose of increasing index rate they will also follow you and hence you get audience for your business and is necessary because if you want to increase your index rate than your alexa rank or page rank should be higher.

Share your Posts or do it plus one on their wall.

The best way to get traffic from google plus and to increase index rate is share your posts on their wall .so that any time they log into their gmail account they will get notifications about your posts and hence chances are higher to click on your link. you can use google meta tag to find niche market as well.these are also mandatory if you want to increase alexa rank and increase page rank as well.

Also plus one their Posts To make yourself Noticable.

As i said above you need to plus one their posts also to get yourself  noticed for your goal increase index always share other's article and posts to get noticed and to drive traffic for your website.also do search engine optimization of your posts or seo of High cpc keywords so that you can get organic traffic as well.

Follow More people

Well follow as many people as you can because you need visitors the  more no. of people you follow than chances are that they will follow you too and result will be whenever you publish a post many people will be there to read it and hence drive traffic for your website and to increase index rate .

How Google Plus increased My index rate.

I am running an entertainment blog named as love messages and i shared all of my posts on google plus and also plus one ther user's posts so the result was my posts were also shared at large scale and i got more than 550 pageviews for a single post within half an hour .and you must know that of any of your post rapid and massive sharing just after the publish than you are rewarded by google and other search engines, you want to know well google index them suddenly and you will see more no of visitors landing on your website with your keywords and this is even mentioned in latest google panda update.

Other Necessary step to increase Index Rate

Update you blog at daily interval ,give google boat a reason to daily scan and index your is the detailed information importance of frequency of updates on blog.

Use Ping Tool

Pinging is the best option to inform search engines and other directories that you have updated your blog or website .check here 250 Ping tools To Ping your website.

Comment on High PR Website.

Right after the publish of your post you must comment on high pr website or relevant websites or pages to increase index rate and page is the list of high pagerank websites


Find relevant threads on the forums and comment there of your newly published link to increase index rate and alexa os the 100 Dofollow forums List

Submit Article to High PR Directory

You must submit article to high pr website or article submission dictionary to increase index rate .

So these were the recommendation for you to increase index rate and to increase page rank with the help of google plus.

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