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Get Backlinks If Someone Copying Website Content

Yes it is true you can get backlinks if someone copying website content and even see where is your data copied and who copied with single tip.

Get Backlinks If Someone Copying Website Content
Get Backlinks If Someone Copying Website Content

Lots of people think that "copying website content" is the best way to create website or posts.But they are not aware that anyone who is "copying website content" is giving you Direct Backlink. Are you worried because your hard work is not going to pay you. someone is landing on your pages and copying all your data onto any other website so you have been victim of those useless people who just copy and paste and think they can get on to the top ranks.But do not worry we will "get backlinks" from them.

Well if this is the matter than do not worry here i am describing some ideas which will help you to track your Content where it is being copied and also "get backlinks".


According to tynt reports they say that mostly 82% of your content is shared by emails and rest of the content by simply "copying website content".so our major focus would be on the how to insert links automatically when someone shares our article.

It is quite simple.

  • Add an account on 
  • Get the code from
  • Simple paste the code above head tag (/head)
  • Go to the dashboard of
  • Monitor your website.

In the week sends you the entire report of your website .like

  • How many times your website content was copied.
  • Which pages were shared and copied.
  • How may Backlinks were generated by when someone copying website content.

How Does Tynt Works:-

(1)When someone "copying website content" the moment he drags the content and clicks on copy tynt shows a pop up box filled with top social bookmarking websites if the user want to share it.than in one click your content will be shared.
Get Backlinks when  someone copying website content
Get Backlinks when  someone copying website content

(2)Tynt inserts an tracking code after every url to track the activity this way it keeps record where your data was copied .
Get Backlinks when  someone copying website content
Get Backlinks when  someone copying website content
(3)Now How do you "get backlinks" if someone copies your content.well here is the explanation after "copying website content" when someone paste your content into his website tynt smartly inserts the source url means the website address from where it was copied.
Get Backlinks when  someone copying website content
Get Backlinks when  someone copying website content

Benefits of Using TYNT.

  • Get backlinks when someone copying website content.
  • You can check where your Data was copied.
  • How many times Data was shared and emailed after copying website content.
  • Get keywords from you got organic search results.
  • Get the List of website posts whose data was copied


Do not bother if somone "copying website content" just let him "copy website content" and for that "get backlinks.they will copy and paste and your search engine ranking will go higher it is also called "organic search marketing".let him use any kind of free java script code,free php script or html script he will have to pay for "copying website content" it's like ethical method of "search engine optimization".

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    1. Thanks sukhwinder for visiting and commenting.coming to your company for interview...he he :-)

  2. Some people like to copy website content ,just like me.
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    1. ok selena i got your point...thanks for commenting here keep visiting and always be such frank.

  3. Very good technology. I think mainly all do seo people will copy other's articles...

    1. definately many of them does ..but i think they take idea and write their own opinion but no one would dare to copy the entire article.anyways thanks for commenting here and keep visiting.

  4. Every day Every time, Every SEOer is copying other's content. Buy 2013 Newest Dress for welcome the hot summer.

    1. Hi amy thanks for commenting here.and i do agree many of them does but look their google always penalizes them ...sometimes it does and sometime not.but why to take risk for such hardwork. real people would not do that.

  5. Thanks for your Precious Tips.

    Offtopic: You are using a cool theme. Loving it.

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