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Proof Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings

Yes It is true referral traffic lowers your CPC CTR.Here is the proof which decrease my Cost per click and Google adsense earnings.

Proof Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings
Proof Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings

If you are also searching the answers of this question that "why my traffic went down" "why your traffic is lowering" "why your cpc (cost per click ) is too low" "why earnings are lower while clicks are higher" or you are  "getting too many clicks but earning are still low" than you will get answer of all your questions at here. (Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

Before describing the entire scenario i would recommend you read the latest google panda update where it was clearly stated that More number of referral traffic and lower your earning will be.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

So if you are thinking to register your blog at various forums and think that you will get more visitors and clicks than also you are right but remember it is not going to increase your earning.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

How Forums (Referral Traffic) affects your Website

  • Forums increases your traffic but such traffic is counted as referral traffic.
  • Google does not like referral traffic.

Truth is:-

If users are landing to your website from third party website and you are getting clicks than it is not going to increase your Revenue or google adsense income or say cost per click.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

My Google Adsense Earnings Report of Affected Blog

Here are the reports .I am also running a blog named as Http:// .this blog was getting 40% of traffic from forums and other websites and yes we were getting good clicks on this website.

We have google adsense account and we are using google ad tags on this blog .so the core thing is we got increase in traffic and also good number of clicks and we are also using high paying keywords but still we were not getting good amount of money and the reason was ratio of clicks and page views  and the third factor referral traffic .So please tell me why my earnings are lower.well if you are serious about your earnings than you will have to seo or search engine optimization of high paying keywords

Well i got the answer of this question when i removed all of referral links from third party for try and you know what  happened .(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

Pros and Cons Made by Forums on my website

  • My Traffic went down.
  • Page rank worldwide and national was still.
  • But my google adsense income went higher .

After all i made that blog for money purpose. and now some good news :-

Good News:-

  • Best Love Shayari rank before three days in india (52,267) when i used to get referral traffic.
  • Best Love Shayari Rank after three Days in India (41,649) without referral traffic.

So point is i thought my ranks will drop off as i lost visitors and referral traffic but opposite things started happening My page rank increased  and also google adsense earnings. well there are some other mods also who can pay you similar earning or say company which provides high cpc Best pay per click management company.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

My google adsense earning:-

With referral traffic My Google Adsense Earning of  one Ad unit:-

  • 702 Pageviews =>  4 clicks  =>   .36  (Earning of 1 Ad Unit)
  • 636 Pageviews =>  5 clicks =>    .17   (Earning of 1 Ad Unit)
  • 477 Pageviews =>  2 clicks =>    .14    (Earning of 1 Ad Unit)

Without Referral Traffic My Google Adsense Income:-

  • 481 Pageviews => 3 Clicks => .43    (Earning of 1 Ad Unit)
  • 584 Pageviews => 5 Clicks => .45      (Earning of 1 Ad Unit)
  • 218 Pageviews => 2 Clicks => .32         (Earning of 1 Ad Unit)

So you decide what is good? weli it is very clear without referral traffic my earnings are gradually increasing although it is not a very good income and the margin is bit low but the questions why to leave a single penny?so core truth is google adsense earnings are higher compared to with referral traffic enriched google adsense earnings.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

Difference of Earnings:-

As you can see my pageviews dropped but earnings are higher than the more clicks with referral traffic. so the conclusion is you need to focus on search engine optimization now.i will have to rely on organic search results and will have to advertise website  or say i will have to start organic search marketing.  and for that purpose i need to find google meta tag keywords which will help me to score in organic search results of search engines.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

For Organic Search Results:-

Well i would not say do not use forums because it is your choice and your experience i just dont want to loose my adsense account because i know How google treats new website when they here are some recommendations for you before applying to google adsense.

And if you are still having problems in getting google adsense account than read this How to get approval from google adsense account.(Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense Earnings)

So remember focus on SEO of keywords,increase your cpc and google adsense earnings from above mentioned information ,Lower the use of forums and avoid referral traffic.