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10 Practically Proof SEO Tips To Increase Alexa Rank and Page Rank

10 practically proof seo tips to increase alexa rank and page rank,along owth traffic,methods for how to get high pr for your website or blog.

10 Practically Proof SEO Tips To Increase Alexa Rank and Page Rank
10 Practically Proof SEO Tips To Increase Alexa Rank and Page Rank

Best seo tips to increase alexa rank and page rank and the most important factor in this is traffic,if you get awesome traffic then automatically your alexa rank and page rank will increase but question is here that how to increase traffic so it is done through niche content and quality backlinks,commenting on high pr websites and getting backlinks and many other methods so here we will be discussing them all in detail.

Backlinks through comments

The best seo tips will be commenting on other blogs but make a comment with anchor text that will benefit you and you will get high pr soon when google panda update takes place.

Submit website

article submission website plays an important role in increasing your alexa rank and page rank,submit your website to article directories and in back get traffic and quality permanent backlinks.

Write for others.

there are many other blog which offer on their blog to write for them,so write a nice article and submit it to their website if accepted you will be given permanent backlinks and referral traffic.

Facebook fan page

Make you website fan page on facebook and promote it to get likes if the likes increases at regular basis soon it will get high pr.facebook fan pages are most likely to get early page rank then your website so use it fast and effectively and it to your website.

Google plus business page.

just like the facebook fan page make your own googe plus business page and promote your posts over there.and ask people to make it plus one.

Use Google plus one Gadget of blogger.

if you are a blogger user then it is good for you you can use google plus one widget from their gallery and add it to blog will enhance plusone or your business page which leads to increase alexa rank and page rank of those posts and websites which you share on your business page.

Add url in twitter profile

when you create profile in twitter always add url in twitter account,it is also indexed and you will get backlinks which increase alexa rank and page rank.

Tumblr tags

Use tumble for the promotion of blog and your post ,tumblr gives lots of referral traffic only because i use very user symmetrical tags.everything depends on tags that you use in get the benefits of this tags.

Think as dumb blogger

thinking as a dumb blogger will give you lots of benefits when you will be creating keywords,see yourself as you do not know anything and then you will be able to find topic as well as keywords what most of the people are used to type in google.

i think these are the best seo tips to increase page rank and alexa rank,please comment here because we like comments and give backlinks too.


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