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SEO Tips to increase Website traffic

seo tips to increase blog or website traffic.includes backlinks,niche content,article submission ,guest posting methods and other tricks

SEO Tips to increase Website traffic
SEO Tips to increase Website traffic

Seo tips to increase your blog traffic in multiple ways ,so here we have some awesome tips to do that job done of increasing blog traffic,it includes previous methods of increasing traffic and new methods for 2013 after google panda here we start how to increase blog traffic with these seo tips.

Create backlinks with anchor text.

the most important seo tips.when you create backlinks always use your keywords in comments on the place of name,it is like this,when you submit a comment type your keywords where you used to write your own name and hence it will increase your seo weightage of keywords and you will receive google search practice making of comments with anchor text.

Web directory

submit your website to many web directories ,they really help to increase backlinks and hence it increases traffic of your blog or website.there are tons of submission directory where you can register your website.


SEO Tips that can really help you is forums submission.participate in forums and leave your website url in signature links that will help you to increase your blog or website traffic.but do not forget type your keywords in in signature links then user name.

Guest Post.

The worth seo tips that i can give you is guest post.submit your posts on other high pr back you will get referral traffic and more exposure to your blog and also always write article for other websites too.

Use google plus,facebook and twitter

social media sharing is the best seo method to increase your blog traffic then the any other previous methds.for this to make it effective ,make your own facebook fan page and google plus business page and also add url in twitter after publishing the post submit and share it to google plus,facebook and twitter,this will increase your web traffic and alexa rank and page rank as well.

Never Copy content.

well even if you are doing above methods and copying some one else content you will not see increase in your traffic because google is much smarter than you and it will not index your avoid copying content.yeah but you can get backlinks if someone copying website content.

These are some practical seo tips that helped me o increase my blog traffic,use them you will see good results in traffic.

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  1. most of the sites that are big have copied content...and other copy that content and so`s like google have this power to change everything when he wants...