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Publish Daily At Same Time Increases Alexa Rank And Traffic

This is a practical post yes daily posting at same time increases alexa rank and traffic,it happened with my blog.

Publish Daily At Same Time Increases Alexa Rank And Traffic
Publish Daily At Same Time Increases Alexa Rank And Traffic

yes it is true if you daily update your blog at same time with niche original content your alexa rank will increase rapidly along with it increases your traffic no matter google panda updates or not your blog will soon get nice alexa traffic and high page rank.frequency of updates on blog plays a big role.i am doing it since a long time without making backlinks and my ranks are increasing higher day by you do not need any more ping tools and backlinks list of high pr sites and article submission directory and dofollow forums for this job.without this you can get traffic and increase page rank.

Practical proof:-

i published yesterday 5 posts at 2 hour difference i allowed google boats to visit my blog at 2 hour interval and the result was my alexa rank lifted up 13, what else you want.but you need to read first how i did that how i enforced google boats to visit my blog increase index rate without backlinks.

Prepare your post before the time

To do this you need to write post before the time,make your post ready a day before and then publish them at same time when you did it yesterday,but in my case i write whole day and post entire day as soon as my post gets ready,i engage google bots entire day and index my blog,if you can not do this make your post ready before the time and publish at same time of will see getting traffic from google search results and soon your post will be on the first page of google.

Do social media sharing my way

i do social media sharing differently then yours method and the result is you can see my ranks getting higher day by day.visit after 10 days and you will see my ranks more higher then today' how i do it with google trends,twitter search engine and others you need to read this pro social media sharing tips and the result will be higher rankings in month.

No backlinks required

i do not want to waste my time now in creating backlinks apart from that i will create more and more articles and do it my own way when it comes about methods has increased index rate and the result is my posts appearing on the first page of google without read this how to increase index rate without backlinks this will increase your index rate and you blog will get organic search results.

One request

May be you like it or not the point no backlinks required but i want to tell you i am achieving success with this methods ,i do not know about yours so if you are not agree then comment and discuss because i like comment,i hope you like these tips to increase alexa rank and traffic.