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How This Celebrity Blog Got 50 Backlinks Because of Youtube Video

Today i was visiting one of my friend's blog who got 50 backlinks and referral traffic because of youtube i am going to analyse it in detail for you .

How This Celebrity Blog Got 50 Backlinks Because of Youtube Video
How This Celebrity Blog Got 50 Backlinks Because of Youtube Video

This post is for analysis how youtube video makes tough task easy ,think this ringtones blog who got more than 50 backlinks just because of video and still receiving referral traffic from other video sharing was quite shocking for me because people give their time in making backlinks and very few get success but there is another trick which can give you many backlinks without investing you do need to make backlinks on high pr sites neither you need dofollow forums nor article submission directory alone a single video would do this job for you and it will increase traffic and alexa rank and will help to increase page rank.

India mp3 song made some videos on barbara palvin and katina kaif when they did something and news became viral,there was nothing in video except HQ pictures but the tag they used in that video were very relevant to search query of google and normally users types those keywords in youtube also and the result was it got thousands of page views and increases alexa rank .so how it happened we will discuss this.

Youtube Tag

When you make video in youtube always remember there is one thing which is very important and that is tags.tags should be relevant to search query,think like a dumb person and now type the keywords you want to see will get the point.if not read this top 3 ways to increase youtube following.

How it got backlinks

Well there are many other website except youtube who shows videos category wise for their user and because of their tags their videos was listed in those websites and the result was their alexa rank got increased,those websites were showing my friend's blog's videos in barbara palvin category and we searched about others there were many russian websites who were showing his video and it was too good for that blog that increased their website traffic.if you want to know more in detail read this 5 easy marketing tips on youtube.

So the core thing is there are many other fast method to get backlinks which later increases your alexa rank and page rank.but the main thing is traffic,if you get traffic you are you must also practice to make youtube video and give it a try and if you have already done that please share your experience with me.