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2013 Google Panda Update For Blogger and SEO

2013 Google panda update of january for blogger and is continuously changing it's algorithm for giving out the best search check out what changes you have to make to get success in getting organic search results and to get on the first page of google.

2013 Google Panda Update For Blogger and SEO

2013 Google Panda Update For Blogger and SEO

Google panda update:-

(1)make sure your site is useful for human visitors.

"2013 Google panda update" says that now you have to focus on your site visual that it is designed of human visitors and not for search not use excessively your anchor text and high cpc keywords.

(2)Do not big block of link chunks in you page.

Do not only put  links in your pages use them effectively with deep internal simply means that use rich content according to "2013 Google panda update". 

(3)Simple navigation.

"2013 Google panda update" says Make simple navigation so visitors are able to scan all your pages and read them by the help of your navigation.Use website outlook simple and professional than the excessive use of free javascript code.

(4)less ads on your site.

"2013 Google panda update" says If your site has lots of advetisment than the chances are less to get organic search results.Use 2 or 3 ad unit and place them at proper place either below the post title or before comment.these can increase your ctr and cpc if you do not have google adsense account than read this Google adsense approval tricks

(5)Make your pages simpler for human navigation.

As i said earlier make site navigation simple do not play tricks with your navigation.classify your pages according to your site content.according to "2013 Google panda update" .

(6)Build more pages and increase the number of links.

According to "2013 Google panda update" now priority will work ,you need to increase page rank and also increase alexa rank of webpage if you want to see it in google search results need to focus on organic search marketing for that purpose.

(7)Social  links demonstrate share worthy content.

Use social networking and share your article as more as you can but remember it should have some meaning excessively sharing of links which are useless will not work for you.Do proper SEO of High competition keywords and than share them."2013 Google panda update" says .

(8)Claim ownership of your premium content.

According to "2013 Google panda update" If your content is real and written by you than claim your ownership for that content.copying website content will not work for you. now  you can get backlinks if someone copying website content.

(9)Use rich media content.

According to "2013 Google panda update" Use rich media content in your website like images and videos and use title and caption properties with them.

(10)Make your text searchable.

Use traffic driving keywords in your posts to get organic search results.There are various factors which plays an important role in getting organic search results.

(11)Why Implement all this?

You must do this becauseYahoo and Bing have increased marketshare slightly but still Google has 66.7% the boss is still google.that is why you need to design your website according to "2013 google panda update".

(12)Press Release

Press release google is counting them as less seo priority because of people strated them as an promotional trick with spamming .but still if you are interested in press release do it in the ethical way.According to "2013 Google panda update".

(13)Look at your site with fresh eyes.

Well in the end i will say see your website with fresh eyes,imagine like a new user who has landed on your website for reading article and now design your website with simple and clean look.

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Simply follow instructions of "2013 google panda update" if you are serious about your just follow "2013 google panda update" and win the game.