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Why you Shouldn't Ignore Bing in website Optimization Tactics

Importance of Bing in website optimization tactics,Benefits if bing over google,what bing can give you whch google can't.Bing success over google with search engine optimization.

Why you Shouldn't Ignore Bing in website Optimization Tactics

Why you Shouldn't Ignore Bing in website Optimization Tactics

Ask people what search engine they use and a large number of them will say Google. That’s why most businesses and search engine optimization companies focus exclusively on SEO for Google. But even though Google is still the leader among search engines, you shouldn’t ignore the other search engines, especially not Bing. Relatively new on the scene, Bing has already captured more than 15 percent of all searches done in the U.S. Microsoft has done everything it can to push the benefits of Bing through TV ads, Press Releases and Social Media channels. Since Microsoft has very deep pockets, you can be confident that Bing won’t fall off the map. But if you go to Bingle, you will see that side-by-side, the results of Google and Bing are quite different. Bing looks at things like inbound anchor text, it places more on the authority of the site and is less affected by SEO gimmicks and artificial pumping. The question still stands – why should you consider Bing when mapping out your website optimization strategies? Here are a few reasons.

Bing Importance in Search engine optimization

 • Bing returns a different set of websites for a query than Google. While people may debate which search engine gives the better results, that’s not what’s important here. You want to get your site on both sets of search results.

Why Bing is necessary For search engine optimization

 • Some people have made the switch and exclusively use Bing for their searches. If you don’t make an effort to get your site in front of them, you’re walking away from new customers. Bing is working hard to become the default search provider on new products including the new Kindle Fire HD. A number of Android-based smartphones have already replaced Google with Bing, thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Verizon. This Bing integration and expansion is only going to grow over time and you can bet that people aren’t going to change their default settings in most cases.

Difference between Google and Bing search results

 • Creating a website optimized for Google and Bing will give you a very well-rounded, complete site. What Google rates as low-priority, Bing may consider important, so by focusing on both, you can create a site that has no weak points. If you slip in the rankings on one, then you have the other to back you up.

Benefits of Bing

 • Optimizing your site for Bing can only help you rank better for Google. Though Bing is more Flash-friendly and may not be as interested in backlinks or specific on-page factors like Google is, focusing on improving your inbound anchor texts and finding higher authority websites from whom to get links (both important criteria in Bing’s eyes) can’t hurt your rankings in Google. 

 Make sure your Internet marketing firm pays attention to Bing in your website optimization efforts. Microsoft won’t go away and though they have had difficulties cutting into the market share that Google dominates, Bing will surely continue to fight so you should continue to fight to get listed.
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