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High Paying Adsense Keywords You Can Rank Easily In Weeks?

High Paying Adsense Keywords You Can Rank Easily In Weeks?A Article that explains how to get ranks in google search results with high paying keywords.

High Paying Adsense Keywords You Can Rank Easily In Weeks?
High Paying Adsense Keywords You Can Rank Easily In Weeks?

So, we have all been there, trying to find those elusive high paying adsense keywords that are going to be easy to rank for. Up until I stumbled upon this great method, which I am about to share, I was one of those people. I've been internet marketing for several years now, and have successfully ranked and profited from a number of clients and my own sites. I’ve never quite been able to make any substantial money with adsense however, not until I started doing what I am about to explain anyway.Bur before starting read this 8 Proven methods to increase alexa rank and Page rank.

I hadn't bought into the myths you hear on a lot of marketing forums, that it was impossible to make good money with adsense, because I knew of marketers that were making huge sums with the programme.

I personally like building small 10 – 12 page sites as opposed to massive authority sites, but with all the recent algo changes made by google in 2013 Google Panda update for blogger and seo, I was concerned at my chances of being able to rank for high paying adsense terms with these types of sites. Sure, we all know great niches to enter for high paying adsense clicks, education, grants, insurance etc etc, but we also all know that these niches are highly competitive and that it will take time and money to get sites ranked.but what of you don't have google adsense account,if yes than read this article which explains 5 Proven methods of Google adsense approval.

So what’s the quick easy option?

Two words, local business. These types of sites are absolutely ideal for adsense for two perfect reasons. The first is, there are so many terms that have ridiculously high paying cost per clicks and the second is you will find many of these keywords will have little to no competition. The CPC looks pretty good on the picture above I'm sure you will all agree? The truth is there are thousands of these opportunities just waiting to be snapped up, hence the reason I'm sharing this great method for free!

So what do I mean by local terms?

I mean keywords that offer a service in a particular place, like the example above “ac repair dallas” or maybe “divorce lawyer London” or maybe even “auto repair Boston” The list is endless.

These keywords have tons of advertisers all trying to outbid each other, meaning you can find some real golden nuggets.

What about the search volume?

You will probably have heard or know, that you tend to need a lot of traffic in order to make anything half decent with adsense. This is normally the case because the CPC you can expect to receive is so low. I have gone after keywords using this system with an exact match search of less than 500 and still managed to make a nice monthly sum. Remember you only need to make simple 5 page sites, so the process can be repeated over and over again.

Surely a 5 page mini site won't be able to rank highly in google?

Well yes it will, when targeting these types of keywords because the competition is so easy. You are competing against local business owners that have either no clue what they are doing SEO wise and trying hard to muddle through, or against site owners that have been forced to employ the services of an SEO agency, and to be honest 90% of them are crap. No experienced SEO specialists to try and outwit and no having to compete against huge authority sites, period.
So that's it, a system that hasn't been built around theory, but a great method for finding high paying adsense keywords or High cpc keywords that I use successfully.

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This post is from James Brands who writes about internet marketing and various online money making methods over at Enormoney .

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  1. Good info as well as good tips you have shared. Thanks!!!!

    1. thanks for stopping by...keep visiting.i hope high cpc keywords methods will help you.