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How To Increase Traffic in 2013

How to increase traffic in 2013 with on page optimization.After the google panda update and change in google algorithm it is mandatory to change the seo strategy for traffic.

How To Increase Traffic in 2013
How To Increase Traffic in 2013

google has updated the panda and it caused the lots of website ranking up and down ,various leading websites and blogs are far away from the first page of google and various new websites are ranking higher .if you want to know how they increased their traffic and what are the changes in google panda .read this:- 2013 google panda update for blogger and what is the reason of their GOOGLE ranking .simply they changed their SEO methods to rank higher in google search this also:-8 Proven methods to increase alexa rank and page rank

How to increase traffic in 2013.

  • Focus  on page optimization.
  • Use H1 and H2 tag.
  • Internal links.
  • Specific Labels.
  • Use of anchor text.
  • Avoid Link List.

On page optimization is mandatory to rank in 2013.keep all factors in mind like:-

Use of h1 and h2 tag.

Use your description with h2 tag.well in blogger you can do it by clicking in edit html in post section and then add two tags like this.
<h2> Post description</h2>
It will give you better results in terms of traffic and seo.h2 tag play very important role in bringing traffic for blogs. And in 2013 to drive traffic it is mandatory.

Incoming links.

Add as many as links of ypur previous post in your post.there are two benefits of this .first all those links you add will get backlinks and second benefits is you will get traffic for your other posts as well. it is the best trick to engage the user.

Less labels ,avoid useless labels

According to labnol which are also explaining that avoid too many labels use only relevent and specific labels.if you do this you will see increase in traffic for your blog or website.

Anchor text.

Anchor text will play very important role to increase traffic for your blog from google search results.any time you add incoming links in your post than add your anchor text for those links it is the very useful and beneficial methods to drive traffic for your blog.i am using this technique and i can see increase in my traffic .this 2013 has been good for me .because my rank is going higher and higher  and i am also getting organic search results with above listed methods.

No heavily link list in the end of the page.

Do not put too may links in the end of the post i think not more than 10.i have seen many blogs which puts too many links like 20-30 .now this trick will not work in 2013 to increase traffic use few links in the end of the post well these are some on page optimization factors in 2013 to increase traffic. well if you still have the questions like how to increase traffic in 2013.feel free to comment.

Kill spammy links

Google has launched link disavow tool through which you can kill spammy links of your website.for more information read this.what is link disavow tool


Backlinks play an very important role in ranking your webpages.simply more backlinks more you will get organic search results.but how to do this  read this article:- 10 superb ways to create 50+ backlinks for new post.

Avoid copied content.

If you want to increase traffic in 2013 than first thing is avoid using copied not copy any others content because that content would have been indexed by google and hence will work as a penalty for you if you use anyone else's content.but here is a trick what if you get backlink if someone copies your content.but how to do this read this article:-Get backlinks if someone copying website content.

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