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SEO Dead? No, Just A Change Of Name

There has been a lot of talk over the past 12 months about the end of SEO, but this is not the case. In 2013, search engine positioning is just not enough; there are many others factors required for a successful online business. This is not the end of SEO, its simply evolving.
SEO Dead? No, Just A Change Of Name
SEO Dead? No, Just A Change Of Name

What’s Changed?

With everything (including ourselves), things evolve. If you take the mobile phone for example. When the mobile phone was introduced back in 1990’s all you could do was make a phone call. With the release of the iPhone in 2007, the first smart phone, manufactures needed to try and compete by bringing out their version of a smartphone. This is very similar to SEO.
If you break down what SEO stands for, Search Engine Optimisation. The means your optimizing your website to perform and rank well on the search engines. Although high rankings on the search engines are important, it’s just not enough anymore.

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  • Rankings Is All You Need?

    Not for most websites in 2013. The conversion rate for websites just from search results has dropped considerably over the past 12 months. Most online businesses, not all, cannot survive today with just high positioning’s and search traffic. In my opinion, were going back over 10 years ago when paper marketing, such as leaflet dropping and mail shots were the marketing solution for businesses. Obviously today were swapping paper for the internet and other digital platforms like Social Media Platforms, email marketing online advertising.

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  • Is SEO Dead?

    No of course not! High search engine rankings will always be important. All that’s happening is, its evolving, its getting bigger, more work is required, other avenues needs to be included.
    You need to ask yourself what’s more important, high Google rankings or more visitors to your site with a higher conversion? High Google rankings does not always mean high conversions. When clients ask us “can you SEO my website”, we say no, but we can achieve high search engine positioning’s AND increase web traffic and conversion rates. Both are now equally as important.
    Remember the days when Link Building was all you really needed to rank well on Google? After a few big Google updates your onsite SEO needed to be up to a high standard as well as your link building. You couldn’t have one without the other. The same applies today.

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  • What’s The New Name?

    At the minute nothing is really sticking. Inbound Marketing and Online Marketing seems to be floating around. I personally like Smart SEO (like smartphones). It is important you treat your website in 2 different parts.
    1. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation = High search engine positioning’s for your keywords. Includes your Link Building and Onsite SEO.
    2. Inbound Marketing = building your brand through Social Media, Email Marketing and Online Advertising.

    To summarize, is SEO Dead? No, it’s simply evolving. If you have a strong SEO campaign, carry on but also introduce other forms of building your brand by Link Building and Social Media.

    This blog post is by Kev Massey from SEO3D provides free video tutorials on the safest Link Building techniques to be performed on your website to achieve the correct inbound link campaign.

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